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Meet Janice

Teacher - Performer - Speaker - Coach

I am firstly, and always, a student of the human soul.


Exploring the world with my curiosity, passion for change, and love for humanity, has led me to become a gifted teacher, performer, speaker and coach. I’ve spent over 30 years designing and delivering educational experiences for children, teens and adults, motivated by my desire to uplift the world and my belief that education is a potent way to do that.


I have also spent over 40 years in the theater, mostly as a performer but also as a director and producer. Through theater, I stretched my own edges as I explored the lives of others to bring them to the stage. I’ve learned the power of finding and telling personal stories and how this work can enrich all the other work we do. Exploring theater has deepened my empathy, my understanding of the human condition, and my reverence for it.


I stand for our capacity, and our birthright, to grow as people, contribute our gifts, connect with others, and create a beautiful, life-giving world.  I hold the vision that all who teach honor it as a sacred act, bringing joy and growth to the student and teacher alike. I hold the vision that art is embraced, honored, and well-resourced for its sacred role in human evolution.


I believe in humanity’s limitless potential.


I believe in you.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Buddhist Proverb

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Janice Creneti

Award-winning actor, director and educator with four decades of experience who deeply embraces and leverages theater as a vehicle for social change and personal transformation

Speaking Engagements/Professional Presentations

US Department of Education Office of Special Education Projects  State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) National Meeting Keynote: Using Storytelling for Professional Development

University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL) International SIMposium: Leveraging SIM in Culturally Responsive Teaching

KU-CRL International SIMposium: Coaching SIM: Meeting Teachers Where They Are to Support Them in Moving Forward

USDOE Office of Special Education Projects National Directors’ Conference: Panelist: Virtual Professional Learning

National Marine Educators Association: Successful Partnerships of Schools and Non-Profits

Florida SIM Update: Designing SIM PD that Builds Teacher Skills and Confidence

Florida Check & Connect Coordinators’ Summit: Uplifting our Students and Ourselves Through Impactful Coaching

Florida Association of Science Supervisors Conference: Leveraging SIM Content Enhancement for Science Literacy

Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System Institute: Coaching & Mentoring for Increased Collaboration

Florida Education Strategies & Student Engagement Institute: Increasing Student Engagement with the Strategic Instruction Model

League of Environmental Educators, Florida, Making Friends with the Sunshine State Standards

Virginia Agriculture and Health Occupations Educators Conference: Starting an Animal Science Program


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