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Meet Janice

Teacher - Performer - Speaker - Coach

I've spent the last decade coaching people in creating experiences that let people become the best versions of themselves. I've coached teachers on how to support their students. I've coached school leaders on how to support their teachers. I've coached actors and directors in the theater to develop deep and honest portrayals of people and their journeys.

As a certified Seek and Speak your Story workshop facilitator with Powerstories Theater in Tampa, Florida, I've coached people on how to find and tell the true stories of their lives. I've coached people who are moving with transition in their lives.


As a coach, I am deeply committed to supporting you in exploring your inner emotional landscape. Our emotions can be our greatest champions and our biggest roadblocks to the transformation we seek. I help you get clear about all the conversations happening in your head, your heart and your body so you can be intentional about choosing what will really guide your life.  

Coaching is about bringing us home to ourselves.

Janice Creneti

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Janice Creneti - 
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Life Coach

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Is Coaching for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

Discussing Books


Do you feel you have a story to tell about the journey of your life, lessons you've learned along the way, a message of hope to share? I can support you in finding, crafting and telling that story.

Motivational Speaker


Do you have something you want to teach or experiences you'd like to facilitate to help others grow? I can support you in refining that idea and building classes or workshops.

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    Are you on a path of personal discovery and evolution? Are you in the midst of wondering about or transitioning to "what's next"? I can support you in clarifying what you want to create, exploring the emotional landscape around that, and making a plan for moving forward.

“Having the opportunity to be coached by Janice was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.  Her incredibly supportive and knowledgeable guidance has led me to places I had never thought attainable.  She has set an example of caring professionalism that I will forever strive to achieve myself."



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