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My Year Of Saying No

Find Your Yes By Saying No


Los Angeles
Women's Theatre Festival

Ticket sales are available NOW!

You can either go to OR use the eventbrite link (

   EARLY BIRD: $25 per program (ends on March 15)
   GENERAL ADMISSION: $30 (begins March 16)
       1 ticket $60
       2 tickets (pair) $100
   VIP PASS (ticket to ALL programs): $150


Watch Janice In Action

The Reviews Are In! NoHo Arts District:

"My Year of Saying No" is a masterclass in what a solo show can be – beautifully paced, poignant, purposeful and funny... the collective re-examining of our lives.

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My Year Of Saying No

One woman's journey to overcome the impact of sexism, patriarchy and mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to build a more authentic life.

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Building a path back

This serio-comedy tracks one woman’s journey to confront all that isn’t working in the world, and in her life, to build a path back to herself.

There are moments in life

There are moments in life that stop us in our tracks, demand our attention, and cause us to question everything we've known; moments that change the entire trajectory of our lives. Set during the COVID-19 pandemic, My Year of Saying No explores impacts of the mental health crisis, sexism, and society’s rigid expectations through the use of multimedia and multiple characters such as Patriarchy, Perfection, Zoom, Janice’s Body and COVID herself.


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“My favorite part of the show was Janice depicting different characters with her body… displaying guilt and body was fabulous and very creative. The show absolutely made me think about things from my own life. I’m in the middle of making a big decision so everything she said made me think about what am I going to do.”

Fran Powers, Founder, Executive/Artistic Director, Powerstories Theatre, Tampa, FL


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