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Meet Janice

Amplifying the true stories of those who need to be heard in service of a more compassionate, equitable, and life-giving world.

Teacher - Performer - Speaker - Coach

Janice Creneti is an award-winning actor and director with four decades of experience. She has appeared in over 100 productions including live theater, TV, and film.


She began her journey of personal storytelling with Powerstories Theater of Tampa. It taught her to deeply embrace and leverage theater as a vehicle for social change.


As Artistic Director for West Coast Players of Clearwater she prioritized stories that amplified marginalized voices.


As a solo performer and playwright she leverages theater’s unparalleled ability to explore the depths of the human experience and reveal its beautiful soul.


She seeks to leverage this power to amplify the true stories of those who need to be heard in service of a more compassionate, equitable, and life-giving world.

Janice Creneti

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Empty Theater

January 6th - February 18th, 2024

Ed Fletcher’s
Early Bird Dinner Theater
13355 49th Street North
Clearwater, FL 33762

Directed by Janice Creneti

One Slight Hitch

It’s Courtney’s wedding day, and her mom, Delia, is making sure that everything is perfect. The groom is perfect, the dress is perfect, and the decorations (assuming they arrive) will be perfect. Then, like in any good farce the doorbell rings. And all hell breaks loose. So much for perfect.

What do the critics say?

“There’s more than a touch of Neil Simon in the morose Mr. Black.”-NY Times.


“If you think of Lewis Black solely as a curmudgeonly comedian whose default setting is a state of apoplexy at the imbecility of his fellow man, you might be surprised by One Slight Hitch. It’s not unexpected that Hitch should abound in snappy wisecracks and keen social observation. Those, after all, are hallmarks of Black’s stand-up act and his appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But what is that we detect on Black’s sleeve at the end of his play? Is that his…heart?”- Boston Globe.


“If sustained laughter is the best measure of a comedy, One Slight Hitch makes the grade.” -Asbury Park Press.

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Janice Creneti

Award-winning actor, director and educator with four decades of experience who deeply embraces and leverages theater as a vehicle for social change and personal transformation

Recent Acting Credits

Small Craft Warnings**

Midsummer Night’s Dream**

Thursday is My Day for Cleaning**

My Year of Saying No (solo show)


Trust in the Journey

Leader of the Pack**

God of Carnage

Enchanted April

Burial at Thebes

A Delicate Balance*

Good People













West Coast Players

  Eight O’Clock Theater

Florida Theater Conference

Powertories Theatre, Inc.

West Coast Players

Florida Holocaust Museum

Island Community Theater

Gulfport Community Players

Francis Wilson Playhouse

The Cruciverbalist Collective

West Coast Players

West Coast Players

Directing Credits

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf**

Dog Sees God

Becky’s New Car


Shevolution II

Artistic Director, West Coast Players, Clearwater, FL

Director/Lead Instructor, Girlstories Theater Project, Powerstories Theatre, Tampa, FL

Drama Kids, Inc. Teacher/Director, Sarasota, FL   

**Indicates Award Winner, * Indicates Award Nominee

West Coast Players

West Coast Players

West Coast Players

West Coast Players

Powerstories Theatre, Inc.




Recent Speaking Engagements

Keynote: Using Stories for Professional Development, US Department of Education SIGNetwork State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Conference

Coaching SIM: Meeting Teachers Where They are to Move Them Forward, International SIMposium, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

Authentic Engagement in Virtual Learning, US Department of Education SPDG Directors Conference

Successful Partnerships between Schools and Non-Profits, National Marine Educator’s Association

Education & Training

Solo Theater - Jessica Lynn Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

Voice - Susan Stearns, McLean VA; Ginny Kopf, Orland, FL,

Acting - Jim Spruill, Boston University Boston, MA

Dance - Helen Wexler, Bethesda, MD; Bonnie Gray, St. Petersburg, FL

B.S. Secondary Science Education, Boston University

Special Skills

Education, Grant writing and management, Producing, Animal Handling, Dialects, Guitar, SCUBA diving


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