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Make Time For You

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Instead Of Making Excuses, Make Time For You...

I have a good deal of control over my life. I have a job with a reasonable 9-5 type work schedule. I have the summer off. I do not have children. People are hired to clean the house and mow the grass.

I Choose ...

I choose to give a good deal of my time to my passion project, serving as Artistic Director for a small theater. But boy-oh-boy, have I been making excuses about why I am so busy and not taking time to nurture my body or my soul or my baby business I am starting. I have voluntarily scheduled myself to work much of the summer. I am on a teacher contract but have a job teaching teachers so I do need to spend some of my summer working my “job”. I have some choice, though, about how much and when.

I Confess ...

But I confess I have been using some serious victim language as I tell people about how I am working all summer. My boss is not forcing me to do this. In fact, he is encouraging me to take time for myself. So why am I whining so much? And why am I choosing to pack my schedule so full with “things to do”? Maybe it is easier to fill my summer with what is known rather than journey inward and deal with some things that are weighing on my heart… Maybe I am afraid of failing in my pursuit of a business of my own

Promises ...

I don’t have answers right now but here are 2 promises I am making to myself:

1) Stop with the victim language and own my choices,

2) Take some time this summer to tend to my heart’s longings.

In the span of less than 12 hours, my mother showed me a piece of artwork she had created which included the words “be at home in your own life” while a dear friend shared a poem with the same message. Part of Being the Change is being willing to listen to the messages – subtle or not – the Universe sends our way.

Listening ...

Earlier this evening I was chiding my mother for not moving on guidance, for waiting for the 2 -by-4 to hit her upside the head. Well, physician, heal thyself… time for me to listen to my own advice. Time to stop with the excuses. Time to make some space in my schedule to care for my body, care for my spirit, and get quiet and listen to calls from my heart. I invite you to join me.



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